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January 27, 1928     Alma Enterprise
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January 27, 1928

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t / f , I I I Ill ., ALMAENTERPRISE OUR STATE CAPITAL LETT=R :BY A. L. SHULTZ Entere4 in the Postofflee at Alma, Kansas. as Second-class matter. Development of a new road chart FRAN&apos;I(I.VsA,KI .... O. x.V. LITWLIg for the 1928 governorship tour faces $'AGE & I.I2PLE, Proprietors the boys who come to Topeka for the ........................................ Kansas Day festivities. Very prob- Official Paper of the Cities of Alma, ably when the week end milling closes McFarland, Paxieo and there 'will be a more general idea as Maple Hill. to routes to be taken. ................................. Right now it doesn't look as though a Kansas Day Club fan can take a shot at a cuspidor in the Kansas hotel lobby without hitting some one who wants to be governor. Just the method to get the list down where the printers can handle the score card with a handful of solid non- pareil, is the party problem. ....................... There are some ten or a dozen The Native Sons and Daughters people sitting demureIy on the s/de- of Kansas will have their annual lines expecting to be chosvn for the me%ting and dinner Saturday Jan. honor prize. Very probably not all 28 gt the Jay Hawk hotel in Topeka the: contenders will accept the decision at 6 o'clock. All native Kansans are of the volunteer referees who buy $2 invited, tickets for the party dinner. Just .......... the same there is that prospect that (?yde Reed of Parsons, has an- out of all the conversation and dis- nou:ced for governor and the chief play of violent gestures and exchange p!mk in his platform is lower freight of moist secrets behind the pillars, rates for Kansas farm pr,ducts. Just s:me idea will come as to just where how the governor can bring this the boys propose to go in August. about, we do not knw. He is a might:/ smart man, a wise politician Seth Wells' withdrawal didn't and a fine speaker, particularly startle. It was the cut- - ruination of a gradual fading out of Why should the daily papers an a violent boom that was at a noisy big double column pictures of people peak just a year ago. None of the like Hotelling, that Michigan fiend probable contenders in the old con- who killed the little girl. Do they servative crowd held greater faith imagine their readers are standing and confidence of that organization. on tiptoe waiting for such pictures. A third of a century of faithful, per- We presume not one reader in 100 sistent consistency marked Seth cares to see the face of this class of Well's record. criminals and yet the dailies smear them all over their pages. Why Kansas Day dope makers will so it is beyond us. register a lot of sorrow over Well's departure. There will be many sad The Rock Island employees at words from people who would have Shawnee, Ok., have organized a gone to the last ditc and died with a "Don't Swear" club. They say cuss- smile on their lips had Seth Wells flag was absolutely necessary in eaHy been a candidate. Most of his sup- days in railroading but that you can port, would have been a positive anti- run a freight train without it now. Reed strength. A special act of Alma has an agent who proves that congress or a mandate from the on( can be a railroad man and not Supreme Court couldn't drive this cus. What is more, the brakemen support to Reed and the expressions and conductors always cut out the of sorrow will be because Seth Wells fire and brimstone talk when they has gone where his old friends can- talk to him. o not follow. THEY ARE/AGIN IT There is a bit of 'comedy in the Wells-Reed situation, too. While the THE ALMA ENTERPRISE, ALttA, K/ANSAS lilt II I I" - !  re Sw.kestacks OnP ,,l tt,e dSnxs whh f.rnlerly oCcUt:i d he attention of tile civic (qllb el Ol:|tly (q|i('S IH|(I Was aD e pechl c:lre for the women's clubs wa lhe rliminatitm of smoking fur+ tory ehinmeys, s:tb-s the Anderson Ilerald l.'twtunes were made by man ufactmers of smoke-consuming fur- naces. This bids fair to be a thing of the past I)elre many more years. In Cincinnati several factories have been constructed without smokestacks. In Anderson. the largest factory, and one that employs several thousand persons, has no smokestacks. Elec- tricity is the answer. Gas, also, in nml,y t, la,-es comes In for its share ,ff :he credit for eliminating smoke. It was once a problbm for the engi nears te try to elininate the waste which was represebted by the smoke +h'lt poured from the factory chim- ,rays. Industry was represented by Iactories crowned by a great wreath +,f smoke, There was little thought given to the great waste which was represented. Progress has changed It. however, and the future will doubt- less see, no smokestacks in all tim land. Many of tile rats prevalent in agrl cultural and poultry-raising sections are carried from towns to farms In shipments of dairy and poultry feed, the biological survey of the Unlted States Department of Agriculture has learned from surveys in these regions. Fhts emphasizes the nationwide ace0 for concerted effort betweea tile rural and urban peol)le as a basis for the efficient control of rats. The problem calls for widespread co-ordination of I A litlle denial is a dangerous thN'g ! i The fall of the year Is far more + beautiful than the poetry :t inspires Many a man thinks he has the to bacco habil when he smokes noth n i but 5-cent cigars. It's easy for the kids to tell when I there's company at lmme. They hea , ma hlugh tit pa's JokeB. We ar getting plai]er every de) he Pullman company has named one of its cars John Smith. One never knows how man heirs an Indian ha until oil is ffiseovere'd on or near ht allotment. A 'fellow who swims the Englisl,' channel these days hardly gels-his name on the market page. Our surplus seems to bother us  more than the deficts of many of ,he' Emopean governments do tbcaL Argus had a hundveO eyes althoug:' none o the books o mythology re- , fers t bha explicitly s a pedestrian The mn who chewe@ 121 sticks ot one time Is the. first person t,, attain fae by gumming UD the works. The only tenable explanation Is tim: the Pacific ocean must; have been named on a day wben it was behaving Itself. A zoologist vows that eon ago al poets were Jellyfish Then there's mthlng in this evolutionary theory t after all. Prime Minister Baldwin, asks : effort and tbe utmost persistence i "Have we learned nothing In, fle last the application of rgpresslve mea I two centurles?" Er--there wa the ures. United action by represents ! charleston. tires of farmers' organizati.ns alh Annals of crime make it cl0av' that chambers of commerce or other civic I organizations is urked by the hnreuu ; tbe compensation to a good' citizen for orvii,g nn the grand lury is: en in all parts of the United State:! tirory teo low where rats occur. From a survey of the 924 editors of daily newspapers throughout the United States, is develops tlmt 90 per cent of them are opposed to municipal ownership of electric, as or transportation utilities. Aside from 827 editors who favor /private ownership there are 38 who are neither for nor against, it is re- prated by te Public Utility In- formation Bureau at Topeka Not a few newspapers, includinz many of those published in Kansas, openly opposed the practice of ov- ernment printing of envelopes m competition with newspaper job shops and other privatMy owned printing oncerns, indicating their dislike for political participation in business. KANSAS RANKS ELEENTH "Not so long ago it was 'poor, God- forsaken Kansas,' " says the Arkansas brothers are speculating as to terms of the aa'reement, there is equal con- The annual cost of government, in tern as to Seth Wells' happiness in eluding money borrowed for state and, his new environment. Only a few months ago Seth Wells 'whanged local purposes, recently was placed at away at. William Allen White--M-i more than $t0,000,o00.t)O if a m:n ways an ardent Reed admirer--by as was born at the beginning of tl serting the Emporia editor didn't Christian era, 1927 years ago and Imd have as much political sense as a: made a $10 gold piece every minnw. bed bug. White almost has apoplexy every time the name of Seth Wells is  60 every hour, 24 hours every day, 2(t-, mentioned in his presence and at: days every year since that time. tlo his party for Herbert Hoover, sur- total amount would be less than $10.- veyed his guests and rentarked with 000,000,000. Almost 40 per cent of apparent satisfaction and uride that national expenditures, 20 per cent or he didn't see the Republican state chairman anywhere in the crowd., more of local expenditures, and alrmt Now the boys are gambling on Seth 10 per cent of state expenditures lre extending the olive branch by offer-', now required just to pay interest, nd ins to share bed space with White! amortization on existing public debl. during the Kansas Day hotel conges- tion. + i The oldest extant copy of the oldest Clearly the governorship will be  newspaper in the country--the Mary City Traveler. "How interesting, then, to turn to the big subject for discussion during land Gazette--contains an article ur a tabulation of per capita wealth in the three days of milling Kansas Itng women t, pay more attenthm to the 48 states, just issued by the ha-', Day activities start Saturday and lionel industrial conference board, continue until after "Young .Teddy" i their home duties. The passlon, for viewing witi ahlrm is tbe one human and note that Kansas is llth from Roosevelt has concluded his talk: attribute thai" survives the centurle the top ofthe list. How interesting :Mnday night. ] + to note that Oklahoma, with its rich , mentin- th---roba  i , il elds stands 43rd" that Missouri,: "' o fi , , compromise candidates ,will be H. H. ! The federal trade commission has which used to look upon Kansas as a u o , Mutter, internal reran e e llector; Just deemed that a wood which has 'poor relation,' is 281h; that urbane 0o,, Uaile. editor of the Salinal been going.* mMer thp name o mahog New York, which still smokers at a x,, r-*l" and x H Mercer state hoe- nl  ..... ' . . , .  nny will hereafter have to be called man from Kansas xs 14th, that o " 'stock commissioner All have decd-i one state east of the Mississippi, !on a-d nositive followings dip(erocarD,qcae. This ts considered i .... " I Connecticut stands above Kansas. , o tile hest break the pine and map],' "Kansas doesn't have as many rail-'. In the ready-to-wear stock which  trade has had in years. lionaires as some states! Neither, i has been on display for some time! thank heaven, does t have as ma Y i are J. D. M. Hamilton, speaker of, t Shrewd suggestion to young men folks who are desperately poor Prop-ithe house; Frank J. Ryan, secretary) arty is more evenly distributed, the lot state; and D. A. N. Chase, about to or:bark In the busine.s ,, per capita wealth high It is good lievtenant governor. Each with a; selling ma-:zlne subserlpttons: An to live in a state where equality is class of supporters ready to fight at nounce to the prospect in a elea something more than an oratorical:the drop of the hat. Each waiting for ! voice, "I am doing thls for a Itvin. catch word." the ribbon that would designate them i i am not working my way through BREED THE BEST the favorite, i any college." g ...... r 1928 are now Nor should the mspectmn fall to Science has now developed a "supe, amon Bcense take int- account Walter Roscoe being issued by the State Board of uh s Reed has made strenuous l Agriculture according to See. J. C. effos" to induce Stubbs to speak up , hole" In Swiss cheese. That's aq Mohler. The law requires that a!in his behalf Sen. E. E. Frizelle of i right as far as it goes. but the menu state license be secured for any Larned is doned to return to the faeturer's idoal will not be reached stallion which is used by the public, .... ,o 'father'than to take th tuber- ! until some way is also found to make but not where kept only for private Y lnatoria 1 entry. + the holes mere numerous and heavier. owned stock. - . .  - i Improved prices are being paid There are enough meetings in TO- I for work horses Some sales are ! peka during Kansas Day Club events i Pictures are now taken of bacteria. re rted at figures which are ridicul-Ito make the presence of everyone to use in the .tud of disease. Those pO "" ' n + Pus when the eost of rammg an: convenient and necessary. The eou ty i pictures shouhl be widely ch:culated. animal is considered, but even so attorneys will meet So will the l so we would know bacteria by slglv, present prices are in many instances i Republican service men. The assess-! as much as double whetthey wereiors have a gathering. So have mem-I and could cross tile street wheu w in these same sections one or tWO ibers" of the highway commission, i saw any dmgermls ones coming. years ago. _ '.And that means a lot of county ,,A fact which should encourage the iboard members, will have to be in! breeding of at least our best draft town. Then there are the hundreds! mares is that the great majority Oiof real loyal Republicans who vequire l wor rW[ horses which now sell are neither explanation or excuse, but i smith-mouthed and will soon have i have deep rooted pride in never! to be replaced by younger sleek. In_ i missing a meeting of the dinner club the past ten years the number of i -- "t i horses on hand has been reduced 331 The Repubhcan state commxt ee i per cent and the number of colts I also meets, and. will select a state foaled has fallen off 65 per cent convenhon caty, fix a date and i :- ....... . - i desi, gnate count_ apportionments.l It they build motor trucks much That is the place Seth Wells plans tot larger the railroads will have to face display the candidates. Now most of their "Stop, l,ook and l,lslen'" warn the prospects will likely fade out of lag signs down the track. I'erimpo the most pronounced and tragic failure of he year has been the attempt to nmke lamling fields of the Athmtic and l'aclflc oceuns. At twenty-elght Alexander sighed for more worhts to conquer, q'hen he took up golf and at tim age of thirty had town away 51 sets of chlbs. Tim Ibm and the lamb may lie dew|+ tozether eventually, but If they at tempt to do so in a busy highway the the picture in view of late develop- ments. Wichita now has four factories building airplanes and three more i tbat will begin production soon. You could not buy a plane if you wanted to because they have orders booked for months ahead. Planes are priced from $2,700 to $15,000, depending , largely on the engine. Probably oh:sees are they will remain there iJ. D. M. Hamilton. We can never i I get much excited over a candidate l i who requires three front handles to i t  In cutting its road budget It Is a identify him. Perhaps they are no question whether the county will no I to blame because their parents _ so! pile up#a future expense far greater labeled them but why didn t they, tlmn any interest on warrants that drop one or two of those initials be- might have to be Issued to keep up the fore they got into politics. maintenance. The proprietor of a Connecticut cafe Lost his fight bet to a preacher and now has tn go hear him preach every Sunday for s year. This ought to teach him how wrong ;t is to bet Chicago m at+empling to banlSt from its streets the noise made by trotting horses, s. there will be no interruption to the explosive proces- sion left In the rear of a college fllv. ver demuferlzed, in the Interest of speed. It Is hardl5 necessary to explain that the theory that one-half the world doesn't know how the other half lives was conceived before the brhlge clubs look the subject under discussion and stripped it of all its myPtery. If, vith tilose lower salaries for movie stars that are again talked of. some plainer living and higher think- ing could be Introduced. another case of what-this-country-needs would be satisfactorily adjusted. A hotel credit manager says 97 per cent of the hotel's guests are thor- oughly honest, and that the custom of weavlng the name of the hoase In tim towels will not be discontinued. A Berlln dispatch says there Is not Moscow has decreed that all French food terms shall he banished and bills of fare printed In Russian. The must have to make them eoaslderabl$ wider. ** understand ucille ease bck from tim smbore witb a heavy tan" "Yeall, Just lhe color of the o gra vrwe la os," Ar aviator arlnolmces tlmt he, wI}| "hop off." This mu(.h iS definite. The prospeets -f a well sohodtdod lan(Hne romnin Hsoeure. i seems most of the Irish lav doesn't come fruit ireland, nnd' flta anytMng is a Pqnama bat that come t))gh the canal It seems too bt/d tlmt a fell)w eaWt pl, ay on the home c.urso the kind: of golf he tells people he played wl|ile h ws on his vacation. An International esM()n of lmrler. has passe@ npon the correct ht:b ff)v tke }adies Something shoah] I)(, dim,, abmlt st.Vtes In gah)hes. Another very sad Dlight' IS that' o the convict's fit: cee wile Iooke, v i througb six eoo[i .ooks to find on? low t bake a sa In a cake: The Amerfean Indian s entitled ,i patriotic respect for utilizing native plumage for the mnch-prizedwar bon net. tstead of ostrich feathers. Poker chips made of skim, mtIk a,rv on display at the annual expositio o chemical Industries in New Yort This will tend to fatten the kitty. There is still another marathm open to those seeking undying fame. Tulle a shovel and see how far yon tan dfg Into the bowels o the. ertb The woman who excuses hersel for getting her halr bobbed by declaring thai the weight was unbearaMe ds not wlsh to Infer she ha a wk head. It is pr.bably exaggerated=-the en'e about the Scotchman who eouPdn't smoke cigars In a ,heal holder be cause he dluliked the smart of bunlng rubber China is hoping that another eorge Washington will arise tn its own at. fairs. Vien a nation decides to make a wish, it mibt as well make it a good one. nearly every editor who was given a l !ide in the air at Wiclfita two weeks  a bobbed-hatred glri tn the state of i ago is a potential buyer of a plane, i Holsteln. How nonscenle the barber rude8 / I shops there must be. Multi use it every [[ Three candidates for governor so, I ifar: Clyde Reed, D. A. N. Chase and; The ktng with time to play tenuis day as m must feel like a tame squlrrel wlth I SC'S EMULSION tlme to whlrlIn iris cage, [ ._ ++++++,, ?" hosiery, wlmt does a woman who ls color blind dot . J Yearly utput of chewing gum IS/ said to be 45,(D0 tons Seems as if/ three ciphers must have been left off I Household Remely of Holland for kid- the end of that number.  For seven generations the National hey, liver and bowel troubles has helped It is Said that virtually ever/ Inn- make life brighter for suffering men and guage now has Its radio stations. How terrible static mfft be in Chl. nose. Metal cloth Is beeomtng popular for frocks, says Fashion. That's no alga clothes will wetgh more. + ! FRIDAY, JANUARY 27,,,,,1  FRID PA, e arbersho ), the St [ Mr. an. Chevrolet ' . :30. tormy, wi]l heir + { [.: Rev. D pre evil unc A C , .c:recf "g \\; Fairy Story: "Once upon a time there was an Ice pick which wall never mind as an awl, leather punch, milk bottle opener, olive remover, skeleton key, or In fact In any other eapacR t Lha  Dlckg Ice. .... \\; Today, Chevrolet presents the crowning triumph of sixteen years progress--a Bigger and Better Chevrolet! Marvelously beautiful new Fisher bodies! Thrilling power, speed and acceleration! New four.wheel brakes! New 107-inch wheeb base--4 inches longer than before! New semi-elliptic shock ]news. absorber springs, 84 % of the uspiees wheelbase--and a host of other L =- sur on Ht sensational engineering ado onor o vancements. That's what you get he eve nd gan in this latest and greatest Gen. served. eral Motors achievement--the 'ishing world's most luxurious low. rthday i priced automobile! I Card .l the indnes., Reduced o / I ' Prices! " ) The COACH ] 1 $585 ' ? !PAXI( ' The $c Ther( Roadster , . "  OWlgr The SAt[ i The The $/ i The Coupe * " " "):7-/ 'ill be i The +Door $ i The Sedan O12 or th The Sport $  The Cabriolet . UU ssays The Imperial $'5 I i,Ory. Landau . " 1 J[ ..,it, T,oc,. 495 :t f (Chassis On Iv) / Light Dellvery 375 i.o , I (Chassis Only) (+y; I / .' , All prices f. o, b. Flint, M  / / Michigar   + .. ,, .'oc +: : k Fr ia; -  She I[N0000INII Cfl[VR0I[I 000MPANY ALMA, KANSAS Phone l. 11 for a Complete Order of-- Standard + f -,, High C00ass Groceries Fresh Fruits 00IIY G0000gEB+yand Yegetahhs We Dever hn Ditman, Prop. WITH CASH IN HAND "Them as has, gets. ' The man with money in hand, is te man in position, to meet opportunity hal$ way--and uuaRy he is the man who lmts things across---base he is r. A list of this bank's patrons is a list of the names f me of the most successful people in Alma. That is evidence enough th ready money i essential t ace,e. ! The ,fEskric cole o ]3 I Tie fWalte A sm, Redin I Pa' 1000 girls ost n ! Do rope rope lass Dm lproj the cl , i {. 4n( ?ng : 666 +-re+ llatio) is a presrtption lot !last Th COLDS, GRIPPE, FLU, DE]GUa he, BILIOUS FEVER AND MALARIA,'iXood !up ti 5-17 It klll tke gems. food week R E T M .coun * A,MA. KANSAS *  . + laxi AUCTIONEER Farm Sales a Specialty ? r * Satisffion Guaranteed *:i St 8 Pheae 1013, Alma *[ S S S I  "r', m  tax: , --'--" =- 00i.ol "  "  ' i [r[ i rt SCHUYLER NICHOLS, M. D.i '2: Specialist in <,f Rectal Diseases |d OFFICE TREATMENT OF X, ,1 A; Prdapsas, :i Polypus, ' t h Hemorrhoids, +[ k, ALMA NATIONAL BANK Fistula Ulceration, :i w FRED REUTER. l.esident. O, F. DES, Cashier.  Itching mad i v "' Constipation. i s:  "  :"  '"' BY LATEST SCIENTIFIC sl 'i U ...... }OOO*}Ol..' - " " - METHODS. t] ii At Dr. E. H. Lehmann's office li  W. G. WEAVER & Alma every Wednesday morning. P.411. LESSON No. t4 ABSTRACTERS l a luffon=Whyemul- Your Loved ()nes } ' sifiedcod-liveroilsoeffi- 5 Farm Loans-Reasonable Commission. Are deserving of the best Memor'i  cient and o beneficial a Rest Estate, Insurance, City Loans. ial that your purse can afford, i We have all grades, i food.tonic ? A BSTRACTS EXAMINED. TIRvaS PERFECTED. I-- + : Amwer: Because it Is 14 Establshed I899. so easily assimilated and First Prize Winners State Abstract Contest 1927./ - NEW STOCK OF FINEST MARBL ' quickly builds up strength. +<HH,+*141+t*4*4z*.-:..:.  : b00ma Monument Works FARMERS NATIONAL BANK , " OF ALMA PAUL FAI,K, Prop. :: Th bank offers to tlm public Its best service in all buI- ALMA, KANSAS :: ness consistent with good banking.  WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITS. ' HAI SCHMITZ, Ant" Cashier" ..... -7-7,,--- ....... -""-7 -:- . . . . . R * DR A.A 'MEYER DR. H. J. WERTzBERGE " r women.  taking thcxn today and notice how quickly your troubles will  At all dn0stMn 3 sis- mm i .I I* PHYSIcIAN * DEAD horses and cattle removedl DENTIST ,is free within 60 miles if hide m * Slal Attention Given ,1. -- good condition. $3.00 to $4.00 lidtdt Alv,olotom and Denturm. : *  KANSAS fel' lv ho_rl delive{ed. 1.1 ll . 1 lb. paid for aeaa hOgS envereoi X-RAY DIAGNOSIS . , +, * -'--'-" * er   if  for. Phon al- : Oilier Opposite the Court Hot, so ..................... e]ehargeealltous;weayfortheealt Phone 4 * Oe :Phone SSK2; Res. $8K| lPhone 8524 foot of ffefferson St. ! m " " " i -- I: wmaw,.,n.r wmm...+._..._...__+o____v_._